Hapro Sunbeds

Tanning is a popular ‘profit centre' in many companies, either as the core business or as an extra service.

There are horizontal or vertical models, a wide range of optional features and fabulous colour variants.


200_200_3_992_0_nl_x10_admo_fuchsiaLuxury features, the highest comfort, plenty of space and a great tanning result. The X10 is the queen of the fabulous Luxura product range. Undoubtedly eye-catching and breathtaking in its design, this beauty also fulfils every promise! 46 tubes and 4 facial tanners ensure a glamorous tan.

Fully refurbished
Colour: Artic Blur.
Includes brand new:
Base: 20 x 2m 160W tanning tubes.
Top: 26 x 1.8m 160W
4 x 500W facial lamps

Height: 1240mm - Width: 2300mm - Depth 1281mm

Space required:
Height: 1503mm - Width: 2300mm - Depth: 2521mm

Luxura X7 38 SLi High Intensive

200_200_3_980_0_nl_x7_greenThis Hapro classic is, simply put, excellent. With 38 lamps, the Luxura X7 38 SLi High Intensive ensures a tan that leaves nothing to be desired.

Fully refurbished
Colour: Starlight Silver.
Includes brand new: 38 x 1.8m 160W tanning tubes.

Height: 1240mm - Width: 2300mm - Depth 1281mm

Space required:
Height: 1510mm - Width: 2300mm - Depth: 2521mm

Luxura X5

200_200_3_1047_0_nl_x5_crystal_white_front_closed_flowlight_yellowLuxura X5 with its pioneering design is your entry to premium tanning in this product segment. It already comes standard with a wide range of features and can be boosted to a high-class product just by adding extra features.


200_200_3_1057_0_nl_09x3_09Luxura X3 is how easiness is spelled: It is the strong all-round talent to enter the Luxura segment. X3 displays a fresh, compact and up-to-date design that comes in different fashionable colours, so the operator can keep up with the latest trends.

Luxura V10

200_200_3_1170_0_nl_v10_pas_frontal_closed_test3Luxura V10 is the absolute evolution in the premium product range of vertical tanning beds. There is nothing quite like this impressive unit. The various Pearl White editions are underlined with extraordinary light concepts.

Luxura V8

200_200_3_1318_0_nl_luxura_v8_monoc_front_white_hrThe new Luxura V8 has a dazzling design that illuminates from the beautiful top to bottom. The smooth, high-quality finishing – with no visible fastening materials - emphasizes it’s stylish appearance. Just like the special Ambient FlowLight changes colours smoothly for an attractive glow of light that complements the splendid design. This feature gives the V8 the appearance that fits your salon ambience and cabin perfectly!

Luxura V6

200_200_3_1257_0_nl_luxura_v6_multic_front_white_pink_hrLuxura V6 is the new basic vertical tanning bed with a fresh, up-to-date design that comes in beautiful Crystal White colour. For a more exiting look, choose one out of three fashionable second colours to underline the high end finishing of the V6. The Luxura V6 is the perfect model for everybody who wants to expand their services with professional tanning.  I like!