SV200 XXL SunVision AliSun Vertical Sunbed

"Even when you think you've reached the top, you can do better"
Unparalleled perfection never looked better: the SunVision V 200 XXL. Based on proven technology, this vertical sunbed leaves nothing to be desired.
The concept has been integrated in every detail. The excellent body cooling system in combination with the very powerful Cool Breeze Unit provides superior comfort. The separate lamp cooling ensures that the lamps perform to perfection.
With its 48 powerful 200-Watt lamps as a powersource the V 200 XXL offers the very best in vertical tanning.
The absolute leader in its market segment with an unmatched price/quality ratio.
Fast and even tanning in a short period of time with all the required luxury and comfort.
The V 200 XXL offers absolutely everything that the demanding customer requires. This powerhouse ensures an optimal efficiency on no more than 2 m2 floor space.
An absolute winner.

Excellent surround body cooling

The V 200 XXL has an excellent body cooling.
The very powerful Cool Breeze Unit causes a whirlwind of fresh air that keeps you comfortably during a tanning session.
For the face the V 200 XXL has a separate face cooler with an individually adjustable air direction to guarantee the same level of comfort for every user.

X-clusive design in detail

The X-clusive concept consists of a beautiful purple-metallic colourscheme on the outside in combination with fascinating X-clusive graphics and light elements.
On the inside lighter colours have been used to create a harmonious and pleasant tanning environment.
The SunVision V 200 XXL X-clusive furthermore has a really unique feature: equalising, purple-coloured X-clusive acrylics that create an even division of the UV-light.

High Power Stereo music

In the Cool Breeze Unit of the V 200 two High Power Stereo loudspeakers are integrated for an impressive music experience.
Furthermore, the CBU is equipped with sensor-controlled lighting.

Balanced lamp cooling system

The advanced en well-thought system for the cooling of the lamps is separate from the body cooling system.
Because of this separate execution of the lamp cooling, fresh air from the surroundings continuously flows along the full length of the lamp so that the performance of the lamps en their lifespan is increased considerably.

Digital control panel

The digital control panel of the V 200 is clearly arranged and let's you read all relevant information at a glance.

200-Watt tanning performance

The SunVision V 200 is the absolute best in the area of vertical tanning.
With it's advanced 200-Watt technology it guarantees unmatched even and fast tanning.

Stand alone solution

The V 200 can be equipped with a matching changing room, and with this the V 200 will turn into a very complete stand-alone solution.
Together with the changing room there is also an accessory set available that consist of a mirror, a jewel-box and clothing hook.