SunVision V Compact XXL Vertical Sunbed

SunVision V Compact XL series

"Always searching for the perfect balance between power and beauty"

The SunVision V Compact XL : a combination of pure elegance and compact power. This superbly shaped vertical sunbed has 42 powerful lamps to guarantee the ultimate sun sensation.

As with all other vertical tanning equipment from SunVision - by Alisun, the V Compact XL is synonymous with full-body tanning, sensational cooling, hygiene and maximum efficiency.

Due to its beautiful design and compact size the V Compact fits in every studio. The V Compact XL achieves exceptional results on all counts, whether in terms of appearance, durability or performance.

Operation is simple, and during tanning all information can be read at a glance on the digital display. The optional changing booth in matching colours provides you with everything to satisfy the demanding customer in search of rapid results.

SunVision V Compact XL: the perfect balance...


Also with the V Compact XL the concept has been integrated down to the last detail. The stunning colour combinations makes the V Compact XL a real eye-catcher.

Powerful body cooling

The V Compact XL has an excellent body cooling. The powerful Cool Breeze Unit blows an invigorating whirl of fresh air around the body. And for the face there is a special face cooler integrated in the middle console.

Advanced lamp cooling system

The advanced system for the cooling of the lamps has been separately executed from the body cooling. This results in real fresh air from the surroundings being blown along the full length of the lamp and therewith increasing the performance and lifespan of the lamps.

Stand-alone solution

The V Compact XL can be equipped with a matching changing room, and with this it will turn into a complete stand-alone solution. The changing room is available with accessory set consisting of a mirror, clothing hook and jewel-box.

Electronic operation

The electronic operation of the V Compact is user-friendly and clearly arranged. The digital control panel let's you operate all functions, and offers all relevant information at a glance.

High Power Stereo music

In the Cool Breeze Unit of the V Compact two High Power Stereo loudspeakers are integrated. Sensor-controlled is also integrated in the CBU.